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Our Staff


A doctor who specializes in the kidneys. Throughout your time on dialysis, they will prescribe, monitor, and make any necessary adjustments to your ongoing care.


The nurses will administer your treatment,. Your nurse can help you get the most benefit from your treatments, provide resources, educate you about your kidneys and dialysis, and teach you how to stay healthy. When you have questions the nurse will be readily available to answer them.

Certified Technician

The certified technician assists in your dialysis treatment. By getting the dialysis machine ready for treatment , assisting patients to your station, collects vital data - weight, blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and temperature. Technicians also cannulate and assist in monitoring your treatment and helping you when treatment is over

Social Worker

Our social workers are there to help you adjust to the addition of in-center dialysis in your life. A professional assessment of your social and medical needs will be conducted and recommendations to help you transition will be made. Your social worker will provide ongoing emotional support and assist with the provision of referral resources.


Think of your renal dietician as your own personal dietary consultant who will help create a menu plan specific to your needs. Your overall health is greatly affected by what you eat and drink, and especially when you have end-stage renal disease. Your dietician can teach you and your family, to make good nutritional choices to help you feel better.


Our Administrative staff act as the front line for our patients before they begin their treatment. They make sure to greet the patients and build a level of familiarity with them. They also make sure to check insurances and schedule appointments and transportation so that the patient doesn’t have to. If you have any questions they will make sure to answer them and make you feel comfortable.

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